“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.”

- Henry David Thoreau

Business as 
an ecosystem

FNDMNT is the foundation that supports a business ecosystem in which several companies operate independently and collaboratively. We are an international team based in the Netherlands serving clients around the globe. You will find that we differ from traditional companies in terms of our organisational hierarchy. Because rather than dictating, at FNDMNT we are more interested in facilitating.

We learn by doing and believe Samuel Beckett had it right when he said:

"Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."


'We Think & Build Online Products'

At Sterc, strategy and technique go hand in hand. We have operated this way since 2005. Our approach is simple: without a strategy, you get nowhere. Using our model as a compass, we  create successful digital strategies for our clients in just four steps.

Our model helps us identify your core product or service offering and key environmental factors. We use this knowledge to figure out who your target customers are and what makes them tick. Then we create a digital marketing strategy that will help you achieve your online goals and keep optimizing your marketing.

We translate this strategy into a digital platform, keeping our focus on the user, both frontend and backend. We deliver bespoke platforms based on our open source MODX CMS and its advanced features.



Heibel offers websites, webshops, digital signage solutions and more MODX-based products at very affordable prices.

Founded in 2013, we employ dedicated MODX developers with extensive experience. In the last few years we have acquired a string of web development agencies, including Muskiteers, Magnatron and Publanda in the Netherlands and, more recently, SitSol in Belgium.

If you want a quality product based on a well-established content management system such as MODX, which has stood the test of time for over 15 years, without the price tag of an expensive custom-built website or application, call or email Heibel today!



When it comes to creating successful online campaigns for anything from e-commerce to talent acquisition and everything in between, the people at Vlinc are real go-getters. They know Google Ads and Google Data Studio inside out.

Adopting a hands-on approach, we roll up our sleeves and work out a solution that will deliver the best return on your investment. By optimising your search, social or email marketing campaign, we increase your online visibility, traffic and conversions.

We are online campaign creatives. We are Vlinc.


Elemint started as a Shared Service Center that takes care of operational tasks for other organisations.

Typical services of Elemint are financial administration, billing, creating quotations, insurance, subsidies, and facility management. Elemint also offers services for HRM support, such as drawing up employment contracts and the registration of leave and absence.

With the help of Elemint you as an entrepreneur, director, manager or chairman can focus on your core business again!


Het regiobureau.

'Think global, act local!'

Het Regiobureau specializes in all kind of region marketing. Whether planning communication regarding urban renewal or promoting a whole region, our specialists work closely with the client. Because we know from experience that successful region marketing is a collaborative process. That's why we combine the strengths of several disciplines. We define the positioning, create campaigns, build an online platform and have our own experienced project managers.

Het Regiobureau is not a single company, but a network organization in which experts experienced in supervising region marketing processes collaborate on projects.



MODX* is the world’s fastest and most customizable open source PHP-based content management system (CMS) and web application framework for publishing content on digital channels such as websites, progressive web apps, digital signage and intranets. MODX3 replaces MODX Revolution.

In 2018, Sterc was awarded a Knowledge and Innovation (KEI) grant by the Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN). The grant funded by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Dutch provinces of Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe enables us to hire some of the world’s best developers to work with us at our office in Surhuisterveen in the Netherlands. The valuable knowledge gained through the MODX3 project will help Sterc achieve its growth ambitions. More information about the project can be found on the project website.

* MODX LLC, the company behind the code, offers premium hosting with MODX Cloud. Sterc is the leading MODX agency with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the US.

Rupert on a Stick

Anyone for dessert?

We say who needs craft beer or blended whiskey when you can opt for yogurt ice cream?

Shares sold in 2022


Communit.ly introduces a new form of regional marketing. By developing this online concept, event organizers can refer their visitors to other activities in the region. This cross-pollination within the region creates a database with visitor data relevant and interesting to the events. Communit.ly takes the privacy of visitors into account and is completely GDPR-proof!

Communit.ly is co-financed by the Acceleration Agenda ('Versnellingsagenda').


Tired of searching for remote jobs and reliable colleagues? Look no further! Since 2005, Sterc has been seamlessly serving clients worldwide. Our journey began at MODX events in Munich and Minsk back in 2015, kickstarting our collaboration with international colleagues. Say goodbye to outsourcing and hello to a team of dedicated full-time remote workers – true digital nomads. At the 1st MODX Meetup Belgrade in 2024 we've shared insights from our decade-long journey and unveils our new concept workwithwander.



Sometimes it can be hard to find like-minded adventurers. Are you destined to venture alone? Not if that’s not what you want! Because now you've found FNDMNT.

Take your career and FNDMNT to the next level by joining one of our teams. Or start a new team! We are always open to new propositions and will explore the possibility of investing in your company as a strategic partner. Put some FNDMNT under your future!

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